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Tiger King Cream for Men (Ejaculation DELAY Cream) Pack of 6

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Titanic-K2 Capsules

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Sanda Oil 15ml

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Sanda Oil Benefits

  • It includes jyotishmati that promotes blood flow towards the penile organ (muscles that support the penis during erection and ejaculation)
  • It may enable you to get more erections and maintain them and may help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

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Sanda oil is a combination blend of numerous herbal oils used in traditional modes of medicine and Ayurvedic healing practices. Usually, it contains the following ingredients:


  • Ashwagandha
  • Clove oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Shatavari
  • Black cumin oil
  • Datura extract
  • Velvet bean or cowhage
  • Is Sande Ka Tel Effective?

    If you take the right amount (9-10 drops), proper techniques for massage (mentioned below), and keep in mind things to avoid, you may see good results from the regular use of sanda oil.

  • Sanda Oil Uses & Benefits

    Penis Enlargement

    Sanda oil is used for men. This herbal oil is suggested for treating penis size. It claims to increase the size by 2-3 inches in just three months.


    Sanda Oil Improves your sexual stamina

    Regular use of sanda oil enhances sex drive, libido and increases timing.

    Sanda oil relaxes overly excited nerves that are responsible for premature ejaculation.


    Stronger Erection

    Sanda oil for men increases the strength of the penis with prolonged erection and intense ejaculations. Some ingredients present in the oil make the penis reach a stronger and harder erection.

    Strengthens Penile Muscles

    Regular massage with sanda oil strengthens your penile muscles and increases their thickness during the sexual act.


    Male Impotency

    This oil claims to cure many problems of men by improving the size of the penis and its strength. Sanda oil benefits men’s impotence with its natural ingredients.


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